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Database Management

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Training Overview

Database Management system is the heart and core of any dynamic website or application. If you are planning to develop any application you need to have idea about database management. This course is just what you need to get a headstart.


Training Objective

Learn DB management in general. Learn the query language SQL and differences of SQL between major DB servers MySQL,MSSQL Oracle. Learn to create Database and Optimize it for best performance



Attendes must have atleast some programming skills. Having


Hands-On/Lecture Ratio

This training class is 60% hands on 40% lecture. The training materials will be applied in real world problems on the class.


Training Materials

All related software lecture sheets and free e-book will be provided in class. Video recording of session can also be provided on specific occasions.

Course Content

Day 1
  • Introduction to the course
  • Familiarizing the concept of database server.
  • Examples of database servers
  • Setting up servers
Day 2
  • MySQL overview
  • Advantages of MySQL
  • PHP MyAdmin
Day 3
  • Creating Database
  • Creating table in MySQL
Day 4
  • Query data with SQL
Day 5
  • Translating ERD to Database model
Day 6
  • Datatypes
Day 7
  • Primary Key Foreign key concept
Day 8
  • Joining queries
Day 9
  • Database Normalization
Day 10
  • Security and Encryption
Day 11
  • Creating a CRUD database application
Day 12
  • Connecting to MySQL with PHP