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Advanced Development With CodeIgniter Framework

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Training Overview

PHP is the most popular scripting language of the web. It is easy versatile and a must to learn for modern day web development. If you are looking for a career in web development then you just have to know. In this course you will learn the Lightweight PHP MVC framework CodeIgniter and how to develop web applications with it.


Training Objective

Advanced web application development package inlcudes learning advanced PHP, ObjectOriented Programming, MVC structure, Jquery and MySQL
Building a web CRUD (create,read,update,delete) application with CodeIgniter.
Structuring your application with MVC.
Advanced Javascript, Ajax and jQuery
Individual project



All PHP Advanced training attendes must have atleast some PHP programming skills. Having programming skill on any other language/framework will be preferable and will increase the output from the course but not necessary.


Hands-On/Lecture Ratio

This training class is 90% hands on 10% lecture. The training materials will be applied in real world problems on the class.


Training Materials

All related software lecture sheets and free e-book will be provided in class. Video recording of session can also be provided on specific occasions.

Course Content

Day 1
  • Introduction to the course
  • Familiarizing the concept of web application.
  • Examples of web applications
  • Tools used to create webapplications - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, flash
  • HTML,CSS overview creating a static web page with HTML and CSS
Day 2
  • PHP and MySQL overview
  • Advantages of using a framework
Day 3
  • Building first application with codeIgniter
  • Active record class
  • Database manipulation with CodeIgniter
Day 4
  • Active record class
  • Inserting data with codeIgniter
Day 5
  • Reading with Active record
  • Client Side validation and Limitations
Day 6
  • Server side validation with codeIgniter
Day 7
  • Updating Data with active record
Day 8
  • Extending Application using libraries and Helpers
  • Using prebuilt helpers
Day 9
  • Handling advanced forms
  • Pagination
  • Reusing code –function
  • Concept of authentication
Day 10
  • Session and Cookies
  • Implementing a login feature to our application
Day 11
  • Ajax implementation with CodeIgniter
  • Securng ajax calls within an application
Day 12
  • Advanced Javascript with Jquery
  • Ajax with jquery
Day 13
  • Form validation with JQuery
  • Advanced Form validation with Jquery
Day 14
  • Detect duplicate entry with Ajax
  • Search with Ajax
Day 15
  • Implementing Ajax Data grid
Day 16
  • Pagination.
Day 17
  • Developing an Inventory Management System (Design)
Day 18
  • Developing an Inventory Management System (Interface Design)
Day 19 - 21
  • Practical Implementation of Project
Day 22
  • Completing our project and troubleshoot
  • Deploying to a server
Day 23
  • Personal Project Day 1
Day 24
  • Personal Project Day 2